Transforming Singapore into a global accountancy hub is like the Gobi Desert trek

By Loh Uantchern

As the chief executive of the Pro-Tem Singapore Accountancy Council, I am looking to change the DNA of the accountancy sector in Singapore such that it becomes a globally recognised professional accountancy qualification, forming the next “gold standard” among international chartered accountancy offerings. Having such a Singapore qualification programme has much catching up to do before it comes a gold standard like the UK’s, which is over a century-old. This is akin to trekking through the Gobi Desert, the fifth largest desert in the world, which I will be setting off on this weekend.

To do a 110-km trek in four days, you need to be very prepared and have lots of time to prepare. We have taken time to prepare for the long journey and our accountancy hub journey is more than 110 km. Many people, like myself, have not gone to the Gobi Desert before. You can see its pictures, read the descriptions but you never know how it is like until you get there.

Similarly, for Singapore, we have not had a Singapore-branded Qualification Programme before, so we can look at the Australians, the Hong Kongers and the British and imagine what it is like to have a Qualification Programme – just like how we imagine it to be like in the Gobi Desert. But we’ll never know till we get there.

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Loh Uantchern 劳万成

Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Accounting

Uantchern is an adjunct associate professor with the NUS Business School where he teaches enterprise risk management. He has a strong interest in social entrepreneurship  and has started a social venture called Do Good with Food to help feed hungry children in Singapore. This is the first time Uantchern is taking part in the Gobi Desert Challenge.